Eden Arts Ullswater Droving returns

An extraordinary addition this year sees the dramatic return of the Ullswater Droving, as festivities for the Droving season commence on Saturday 21st October by ‘Welcoming of the Wolf’ in Glenridding and Pooley Bridge. Iconic drummer band ‘Spark’ will be onboard the last scheduled sailing 16.35 from Glenridding to Pooley Bridge to meet the Wolf at Pooley Bridge.

Eden Arts are also working with colleagues at the internationally renowned outdoor arts organisation Walk the Plank with a unique opportunity to participate in creating a magical artwork in Pooley Bridge using Geolights as featured on BBC Countryfile. The unique technology of the Geolights was developed and used last year for the Green Space Dark Skies project with thousands of people across the UK creating magical light patterns in rural locations captured on film.

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