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Ullswater ‘Steamers’ is an environmentally accredited attraction. We currently hold Gold GTBS and Green at Heart accreditations. The biodiversity of the Ullswater Valley is a key element in our success and we recognise our duty to be responsible for the environmental impact our business has on the surrounding environment.

Recent editions to our retail range and visitor donation gifts include the I Walked The Ullswater Way pin badge. Retailing at just £2.00, for every badge sold 50p is donated back to conservation projects and the footpath repair of The Ullswater Way. 

In 1990 we introduced a visitor payback scheme raising funds and awareness towards the repair and upkeep of footpaths between Howtown and Glenridding, a popular walking route between two Ullswater ‘Steamers’ drop off points. Monies raised from this help to contribute towards the upkeep of the footpath between the two piers.

Our online donation scheme helps to support local charity Penrith & District Red Squirrels whose work is vital towards protecting and preserving the habitat of one of Englands rarest mammals. You can get involved too by becoming a volunteer for some of our local conservation partners.

You can view our environmental policy to see what we commit to doing to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. We fully support a host of projects both UK wide with the Clean, Check and Dry scheme, as well as in the Lake District with the National Trust's "Looking after your Lakes" initiative and many more different projects.


Here are our top tips to help protect this fragile environment

  • Visit places that are close to where you are staying.
  • Use local rail and bus services and check out local cycle hire facilities.
  • Don’t waste water or energy - just use what you need and you’ll help combat climate change.
  • Try to minimise waste by recycling bottles, cans and paper, and reusing unnecessary bags etc. 
  • Try to use local businesses so that the money you spend re-circulates in the local economy.
  • Look out for local produce in terms of food and drink and also buy gifts made in the area if possible. Cumbria is particularly well off for local produce and local farmers markets are held in many towns. This all helps provide jobs for the local people, as well as minimising the distance food or drinks are transported.
  • Stay in accommodation or visit attractions that support the local environment by raising money for local conservations projects. For information visit
  • Whilst walking in the valley, please remember those species that live here and help protect vital ecosystems by following The Countryside Code
  • If you have to open it, please close it.
  • Litter does not grow on trees so take it with you.
  • They live here so treat their homes as you do your own.
  • Keep your footprints on the path for others to follow.

Thank you, your support does help to make a difference.